Creating art could delay or negate age-related decline in some brain functions

About Workshops

Our Workshops are designed to facilitate the creative and developmental benefits of art and are facilitated by Qualified Visual Arts educators sharing their knowledge and experience. workshops usually run for 1 – 2 hours but this can be altered to cater for each group’s requirements. 

Clay Modeling

This is a great workshop to get the creative juices flowing. You will learn the basic techniques of clay work and create your very own masterpiece. This workshop is suitable for all ages and abilities. clay modelling has physical benefits such as improving motor skills and coordination through small purposeful movements, it is great for arthritis sufferers as it is low impact movement. the product we use is non toxic and air drying. once dry it can be painted, to add an extra level of creativity. 

Expressive Painting

Participants are shown the basics of landscapes painting, portraiture and still life painting. This is a fantastic Workshops as it allows for artistic development and works in both a structured format or as a free expression activity. Depending on the ability of the group, this activity can be advanced by incorporating art history references and discuss example artworks to explain concepts. It is recommended to host this Workshop over several weeks to get the most benefit.

Basic Drawing

This activity is perfect for beginners. In this session participants will learn the basics of line drawing, light and shade, and the beginning of figure drawing. this is a great activity as they can practice the execises at any time to develop their skills. 

  • Fosters Creative Growth
  • Strengthens Memory
  • Builds Problem-Solving and Motor Skills
  • Offers Stress Relief
  • Promotes an Optimistic Attitude
  • Nurtures Emotional Growth


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